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Prices are given only for the lowest-priced style of each model. These are Manufacturers Suggested List Prices. This list does not include the many furniture styles and finishes. Any such price list would only cause confusion in the marketplace. Private labels are omitted. To save space, we have also compiled a master list of base models for all brand names. Retail pricing is the responsibility of the dealer. No two dealers are alike, no two markets are alike and starting retail prices are set by individual dealers. Discount prices will vary from dealer to dealer with local competitive and economic conditions.

Upright Pianos
130 52" Satin and Polished Ebony 63,900
Grand Pianos
155 5 ' 1 " Satin and Polished Ebony 105,299
170 5 ' 8 " Satin and Polished Ebony 112,499
185 6 ' 1 " Satin and Polished Ebony 119,199
200 6 ' 7 " Satin and Polished Ebony 128,799
214 7 ' 0 " Satin and Polished Ebony 147,399
225 7 ' 4 " Satin and Polished Ebony 163,499
290 9 ' 6 " Satin and Polished Ebony 250,499

Applicable shipping and/or freight charges, customer make-ready and delivery charges, finance charges, special promotional pricing, special trade-in pricing, or changing tariff and currency values for imported products will affect the ultimate selling price. All prices are dynamic and subject to change at any time.

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