Bluebook Of Pianos


      Brand Names Starting with Letter G

"Everything you always wanted  to know about pianos but didn't know who to ask"


This is a name which has been familiar in the piano world since the year 1854 when the Gabler piano was established. The founders of the industry are represented by Mr. Emil E.Gabier, son of the first manufacturer of pianos bearing the name. Mr. Gabler maintains his interest, and has pride in what the name stands for in the piano world. He is himself a thoroughly trained expert in the building of the instrument, and he keeps in contact with the factory and the progress of the instruments which bear his name. Gabler pianos and player pianos have been highly commended through the years. Gabler Electric Expression and Reproducing instruments are notable additions to this time honored line. Eighteen new models, including two new grands, greatly enlarged manufacturing facilities and especially effective advertising and selling cooperation, make this an ideal line for progressive merchants.


well-made instruments produced by the Germain Piano Co., Saginaw, Mich.


Gibbons & Stone, Inc., manufacture the Gibbons & Stone pianos for their retail trade. Strictly high grade instruments, which include uprights, also pIayer- pianos.


Reliable instruments of excellent musical quality, made by the Straube Piano Co., of Chicago.


Pianos, player-pianos and reproducing pianos of powerful and pleasing tone and great durability of construction bears this name, which is that of the president of the Goldsmith Piano Co., makers of the instruments. All Goldsmith instruments are made under expert supervision by skilled artisans and the name has become known wherever music is a delight. Very beautiful case designs mark the Goldsmith products and thus sustain the favor of the instruments which is created by the satisfying tone quality. Purchasers of Goldsmith instruments are guaranteed the best results and receive large returns for their investments, and the methods of the manufacturers are of a kind to the uniformly commended.


The Gordon Piano Co. was established in 1845 by S. T. Gordon, and continued by his son, Hamilton S. Gordosa, until bought by the present company, by which the quality of the instruments is being sustained and even improved. Both pianos and player-pianos are superior in construction and tone. They are instruments of the kind that meet the approval of the majority of the piano buying public and they have verified their place in the world of music by their careful construction, fine appearance and tonal results.



The Edmund Gram pianos, Grand. Upright and Player pianos are well made by an ambitious house in Milwaukee. Mr. Gram has been in the retail piano trade for a great many years and the instruments which bear his name are well made, handsome in case designs and of artistic tone quality.


One of the few family owned and operated piano manufacturers remaining in existence. Exclusive manufacturers of the CONSOLLA upright pianos which are 39" in height and the 42" HERITAGE series direct blow consoles. The entire product line is marketed nationwide under the GRAND and/or UNCAID names. Grand specializes in the manufacture of budget priced upright pianos which are sold through leading piano dealers throughout the United StateL Grand's modern manufacturing facilities consist of 100,000 square feet situated on a 25 acre tract of land immediately outside of the Morganton city limits.

(Also made Superscope Pianocorder Player Pianos )

1961-13200 1966-17400 1971-20200 1976-23500
1962-13900 1967-17800 1972-20900 1977-24100
1963-14500 1968-18100 1973-21700 1978-25200
1964-15200 1969-19100 1974-22300 1979-25800
1965-16800 1970-19500 1975-22900 1980-26600


Manufactured by the well-known music house of the same name. Detroit, Mich.


A name familiar to the musical world in connection with the player-piano industry. The Gulbransen Registering Piano is unquestionably one of the best-known instruments of its class in the world. Its trademark, the Easy-at-the-Pedals, and slogan, "Easy to Play," have been impressed upon the memory of millions of people through national advertising, and the claim is made that the Guibransen Registering Piano itself is more widely distributed than any other. The great favor with which the Gulbransen instruments are regarded by music loving people of discriminating judgment is the best possible proof of their merits. And the large number of responsible piano merchants who represent the Gulbransen instruments leaves no question as to their desirability in every particular. In the field of player-pianos the name of Gulbransen is especially familiar because of the part Mr. A. G. Gulbransen has taken in the inventive and creative phases of the instrument. In tone realization there is no one to dispute the character of the Gulbransen pianos and registering pianos.

The Gulbransen factory retained all its personnel in sales and plant craftsmen. The latter are in a new and modern environment, and have taken with them all the know-how of a craft that has taken many decades to learn and in most cases in herited and handed down from family to family. Gulbransen workmen average 40 years in piano making. Their product is their pride and they are bringing up their sons to follow.

More than 500,000 pianos have been manufactured by this company, thereby establishing it as one of the largest in the industry. The distribution of this vast number of instruments has been accomplished through a nation-wide organization of dealers whose high ethics in merchandising conform with those of the company itself. Through this widespread dealer organization, Gulbransen pianos have been sold into many homes and, in addition, are to be found in more than 7,500 schools, churches, conservatories of music, radio stations and the studios of many prominent musicians. The highly trained and experienced technicians who make up the Gulbransen personnel are carrying on the high ideals and standards instilled by the company's distinguished founder, A. G. Gulbransen. Of this personnel the most important members are the "men who make them," a group of artisans who have literally spent their lives employing those principles of piano craftsmanship without which no fine piano can be created.

Backing up their efforts, Gulbransen is known for having only the latest and finest in manufacturing equipment. Numerous patented devices are in daily use for research and improvement of products and under the guidance of E. W. Okeson, factory superintendent, an authority on scale drawing and piano building, the present line of Gulbransen Supertone scale pianos has been brought to a higher standard than ever before. A large number of distinguished models of period, modern and conventional designing are offered, and interior decorators idely acclaim the authenticity and gracious dignity of Gulbransen cabinet styling. Prominent among these are the new spinet-type and console models which include a variety of beautiful encasements in a number of sizes. In addition to these new type pianos Gulbransen has an unusually complete line of conventional grands, uprights and other models, all incorporating those features of construction and tonal excellence which are characteristic of the Gulbransen pianos. Owners of instruments of this make have the eminent satisfaction of knowing that "the name of the founder is the name on the piano.

1915-90000 1940-344000 1961-479000 1966-551000
1920-140000 1945-357000 1962-506000 1967-559400
1925-218000 1950-405500 1963-515000 1968-565000
1930-301000 1955-443500 1964-524000 1969-571000
1935-309000 1960-488300 1965-542000